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 The Clear Beer Draught System is a patented floating intake that dispenses the clearest, cleanest best tasting beer from the upper level of beer in your homebrew kegs. It's easy to install and clean, and does not require any modifications to your existing setup.

  • Dispense clear, clean beer in days, not weeks or months, which is how long the current design takes.
  • Dry hop directly into the keg using hop pellets. When their job is complete, the solids will drop to the bottom, leaving the intake where the good stuff is!
  • Transfer the keg to an event, parties or within your home brewery without the worry of stirring up and dispensing the sediment from the bottom of the keg.
  • Use the keg as the secondary fermenter. The yeast and other sediments will drop away from the intake rather than towards it. This saves you time and work, reduces the risk of oxidation, and improves the shelf life of your beer.
  • The Clear Beer Draught System will work in all keg sizes, will draw clear beer to the last pour, and does not detract from the volume of beer the keg will hold.
  • All styles of beer will benefit from the Clear Beer Draught System.  


The Clear Beer Draught system is manufactured in the USA and all components are food safe. For more information and tips, visit the FAQ page of                       You will find a purchase link here for INTERNATIONAL ORDERS

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CLEAR BEER DRAUGHT SYSTEM (screen filter not included)

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